[Gimp-developer] segmentation fault when trying to replace deprecated functions in lcms.c

When I try to call the recommended new functions to replace the
deprecated functions in the lcms.c plug-in, the code segmentation

To illustrate the problem, I wrote a line of code to call
'gimp_drawable_get_buffer' and put a printf statement just above and

  printf("lcms: lcms_drawable_transform: before call to GeglBuffer\n");
  GeglBuffer *buffer = gimp_drawable_get_buffer (layer_id);
  printf("lcms: lcms_drawable_transform: after call to GeglBuffer\n");

The code "segmentation faults" when it gets to "GeglBuffer *buffer =
gimp_drawable_get_buffer (layer_id);".

Although I am not experienced in interpreting backtraces, and could
easily be completely wrong, it looks like the problem is that babl
doesn't accomodate the file format "RGB u16":

#6  0x00007f216af03c2f in babl_format (name=0xb50610 "RGB u16") at

line 667 is the end of babl-format.c and "RGB u16" does not occur
anywhere in babl-format.c.

I am not sure how to fix this problem. The full backtrace and the
relevant lcms.c code (high bit depth version) can be found here:

Elle Stone
Articles and tutorials on open source digital imaging and photography

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