Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP UI quality opinion

On Thu, Feb 16, 2012 at 5:09 PM, Lumens Solutions
<eric lumenssolutions com> wrote:
> Aleksey, with all due respect -- I'm not sure your approach to this
> discussion is going to be very successful. You may very well have a good
> point (and the part about catering to other than ambitious users does
> resonate with me), but I'm afraid that the way you are presenting your point
> doesn't help in convincing people.
> Of course, if you are just angry and frustrated and want to yell about that,
> that is your perfect right. But as a reader of this mailing list, I'm afraid
> all I'm seeing is someone screaming, not somebody trying to make a reasoned
> case for an improvement.
> Just thought I'd give you some feedback from a third party...

Do I look like screaming? That is reee-e-ally fun! :-) No, of course
I'm not screaming. I'm fine, thanks for your concern. And I find your
post most reasonable here and I agree with every word you said in
first paragraph. Well, let me explain. ***I don't want to convince
anyone.*** I'm just expressing my emotions. Yes! But no, they are not
yelling or anger or frustration. The first post was wonder. The next
were disappointment on what was said to my address. I was expecting
more correct answers like yours or Martins for example. But that is
OK, I learn from that, as I learn from every man I meet. And of course
I know that they learn from me too even if they contradict. So, I'm
pretty satisfied with what is going on here. I'm pretty sure I've done
a good thing to this project. A little, microscopic, but good! And
please don't call my methods wrong. Everyone have its own methods.
Everyone relies on its own skills. I personally believe that emotional
level is a higher (and more valuable) level than logical. But this is
a different story.

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