Re: [Gimp-developer] suggestion for new versions of GIMP


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I think it's more a call for some specific defaults than for ability
to edit keyboard shortcuts.

I can agree with that. I have some preferred shortcuts of my own which
are not the default in GIMP, but definitely work better for me personally.

Personal shortcuts are a nice thing, but sensible default shortcuts are just as good.

 Don't take it as a challenge, but I was wondering for some time where
 these concepts really differ (from the user point of view).

Non-destructive Adjustment Layers, for one (not present as of 2.6, but
planned and coming). The last time I used a Photoshop it seemed like all
color/brightness adjustments could only be done via Layers, which was a
major stumbling block for me because I couldn't find any way to do those
same adjustments directly upon the layer.

I'm not sure if I can understand you correctly but Ps have them too.

Gee… it smells like trolling of me ;) still… not intended.

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 > > I could easily write a blog post stating why I feel GIMP is in position
 > > to be a better program than photoshop for most people in ten years
 > > Summarised it would be: It's focus is smaller and targetted to what
 > > counts,
 > This "narrow focus" is a double edged blade. And, as for what "counts"
 > it's highly subjective matter.

Indeed, very much so. I have to roll my eyes every time I hear the "free
software does not 'compete' with commercial software" argument getting
rolled out in a discussion because it does.

Does or doesn't depends on what one expects from software. License may or may not be relevant here.

At least terms of its
general capabilities because otherwise there is no reason for users to
want the free option to begin with. Even so, users also end up making
"squeaky wheel" comparisons about the little subtleties that don't
affect its overall capabilities, but nonetheless differ between products.

Like one thing I currently wish for: Grouping the Brushes lists by
'brush family', very analogous to the idea of grouping fonts by font family.

Extrapolating that I hope to see the GIMP in the near future _only_ as some specific GUI project.


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