Re: [gDesklets] Develbook 0.36 rc1

Bjoern Koch wrote:
So, who is "in charge" for ?? ;)

 You? ;-)

Hehe... nice try ;).
Well, I don't have any kind of access to the site(s) - and that's perfectly fine with me ;) - , so there is no way I might do it.

IIRC Chris has the domain under his control.

Because, in my point of view, if the user have got to change (zooming)
the font's size, is because there's a problem and he cannot read and
perhaps is a good idea avoid that.

So it would be best not to set any font-size in the CSS, right ?!.

I guess the best thing would be to set a relative size, like 1.1em. Strict sizes cause issues on some older browsers (won't allow to zoom them) and leaving the size out might cause some weird issues when the browser gets to choose the size (i'm suffering from these when using ff on dual screen :()


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