[gDesklets] gdesklets- information needed

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From: sirrocoseekrusty <sirrocoseekrusty yahoo fr>
Date: 2008/7/9
Subject: gdesklets- information needed
To: info gdesklets de


I use gdesklets software since few days only, but I have 2 problems:

  - 1 is related to the translucency of the applets (Cf. attached
screenshot). I use the gdesklets version 0.36, and I cannot find the
option for the translucency. I tried /gdesklets configure/ but
couldn't find any option related to translucency.

  - The second point is that I put gdesklets in my automatic start up
programs, everything works fine. But when I want to logoff or simply
shut down the computer, a message pop up for each applets running,
asking if I want to kill the applet (Cf 2nd picture attached). do you
have any solution to stop recieving this message each time I log off?

Thanks for your return.

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