Re: [gDesklets] New features...?

Hi Mario and others,

Mario González wrote:
Bjoern Koch wrote:
Well, I'd say as we are only a handfull of developers anyway it would be

 We are not so many but that's ok. One issue I've been thinking a lot is
the  "problem" with gDesklets0.4; because development is (AFAIK) slow.
And perhaps we can release a 0.37 with new features ported from 0.4 and
others features added also.

Yes, I agree with the problem with 0.4. Personally I'm relatively excited about the Universal Applets approach of using XEmbed to allow intermixing of different app engines. There are some difficulties with it, but lot's of nice stuff also.

I've been following the branch on LP and planning on trying to quickly hack the current 0.3x branch to support UA. Hopefully I get time to do that in the near future.

What UA lacks is a better name and a strong web-presence, but those are fixable issues :)

 I am going to Guadec this year and I've got 5 minutes to talk about
gDesklets. I'll show or I would like to show what can a developer do
with, what are we doing (as developers) and how can new hackers help to
the project.

That's great! Good luck! I'm sure new hackers will be very welcome! The docs suck, but at least people follow this mailing list.


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