[gDesklets] Controls can now be fetched without the ID, SOAP control in gd.de

Hi all,

I wrote some notes on the TODO page on the wiki (http://wiki.gdesklets.de/index.cgi/TODO_List) and committed revision #106, which now enables using controls in display files without the ID string.

So both of these should now work:
<control id="SOAP" interface="ISOAP:1k7xwme8liuaqh3g238fqzmgu-2" />
<control id="SOAP" interface="ISOAP" />

It's a quick hack and I have only tested it quickly on UrbanExplainer, but I don't see a reason why it shouldn't work nicely. If you have multiple versions of the same control that have different IDs then the one found last will probably be the one used when called with the short interface form.

In related news, I finally uploaded the SOAP control to the website. All this time I thought that GetHTML is the next version of the SOAP control. I had to read my own blog to understand that it was a completely different control :)

No news from UA side yet..

No se si el resto de las personas estarán de acuerdo  ;)  quizás para
unas breves frases

Con mi talento, creo que no podemos utilizar frases mas largos :)

p.s: I thought you were going to Guadec this year

I was.. unfortunately I wasted all my holidays in Cambodia and Central America and couldn't make it :(. Perhaps next time.


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