Re: [gDesklets] Idea: Close a running desklet

Hi there,

OK, we all got the message in the other thread ;)
So here are my 5 cents:

Sometimes I need to close a desklet but I don't want to purge it. I just
don't want to have it on my desktop for a while.

Good idea!

Is as the same as applications works, for instance: Evolution. You must to
configure some accounts before start to using it but I think you won't
like your data disappear after closing it.


In a desklet is the same, perhaps there are some configurations I've made
and I don't want to loose them either, so far (AFAIK) it's not possible,
so if we agreed I'd like to add this feature in the TODO list we've got.

So, either we add a new menu item called (e.g.) "disable desklet" and when re-adding the same desklet from the shell it will ask the user if he/she wants to enable the desklet (with the configuration) or if he/she wants to run a new instance with default values. Or we add a new button to the "Do you really want to remove the desklet" requester which allows the user to delete the desklet but keep the configuration.

The second one would have the problem that re-adding the desklet would imply that ALL (or at least the next) desklet would take the stored configuration values. Letting the user choose here would be a good idea (IMHO) if he/she wants to use the saved or the default configuariton values. And if we would have to ask the user anyway I guess the first option (disable/enable) seems to be the nicer/better one.

And in a newer version of the shell we could mark disabled desklets and add an "enable desklet" feauture, too.

Just a few rough thoughts about that...

Greetings, Bjoern

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