Re: [gDesklets] Controls can now be fetched without the ID, SOAP control in

Hi there,

So both of these should now work:
<control id="SOAP" interface="ISOAP:1k7xwme8liuaqh3g238fqzmgu-2" />
<control id="SOAP" interface="ISOAP" />

That's great news!
I am going to test it the next days.

In related news, I finally uploaded the SOAP control to the website.

Hmmm.... bad news (again):
It is not there. At least I can't see/find it.
I guess it is the same recurrent "bug" that you will have to be logged in to see the latest additions :/.

OK, as 0.36.1 has finally been packed up (see other mail) we can officially move on to 0.36.2(beta).

Greetings, Bjoern

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