Re: [gDesklets] About Task

Hi there!

> But we still need some sort of forum. This mailing list is good to have,
> but a forum reaches more users.

So true!
And furthermore the forum would be searchable :).

>> But everything around the core is ... well... a little mess.
> As it has always been... :(

And I guess always will be ?! ;)

> I'd vote for Bjoern! ;)

HA! Nice try!
No, little misunderstanding here. This is NOT what I intended!

> Honestly, he together with Lauri was the one who kept us developers and
> the community together over the last year. I think nobody of us could
> do the job better than Bjoern.

Honig-um-dem-Mund-Schmierer :).

Nope... to be honest, I am not the one you would be looking for. I got
no clue about the core, nor do I have the suitable "standing" in the
team or community. Furthermore a lack of "diplomatic skills"... :).

[not too serious]
Furthermore I have proven not to be very effective in getting things
done in gDesklets. Since two years I am trying to get some enhancements
into the prefs system and still no success or luck yet :/.
[/not too serious]

You should look for someone who is nearer to the team (if not within).

> What do you think, Bjoern? Do you have time and motivation? :)

Time... you know... no-one has time, do we ?
Well, if you are looking for someone to help you moderate and look for
the forum I might be glad to help, even though I won't be able to help
on all the questions regarding the core (like the xdr raise error...).
So someone knowing the core needs to take a look at these questions from
time to time, too!

> But it shouldn't be that a project like gDesklets gets stalled so soon
> once the main developer steps back for some time.

Jeps. ACK.

Greetings, Bjoern

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