Re: [gDesklets] About Task

Hi there!

>>> We should really move these both on a different 24/7 server somewhere.

So true!
As far as I can tell, the last years have been very "unlucky" in finding
a home for gDesklets (no matter if for the homepage, the forum, the
wiki, the cvs/svn etc.). And all the moving brought lots of trouble and
To be honest (and IMHO), it would still have been much better to have
stayed at g.g.o., even if the new site is much better and has lots of
advantages. But take a look at all the desklets and knowledge that has
been lost since than! If I remember right you are down from about 300
desklets (even if only half of them have been working with newer
versions of gDesklets) to about 13 (!). Not to mention all the
information in the forum(s) which have been a very good source for
"normal users" to find a solution to their problems and to get in touch
with the developers (both gDesklets and desklets).
>From the "information management" point of view this is a desaster (or
call it "worst case scenario").

Anyway! So now the next (at least partial) move...
I know that you are always looking for "cheap" places etc., but as you
have lots of great ideas to get gDesklets better and better and the
project gets more and more complicated it might be a good idea to think
about a better "infrastructure" as well.
Money is and will always be a key issue (I guess), but taking a look at
some vSersers it might be an option to get EVERYTHING under one roof,
just the way you like it. For less than 10 Euro a month you should get
what you need (I guess).
Of course you will need to find someone who has the time and abilities
to admin the server :/.

Furthermore I got the feeling that gDesklets lacks of an efficient
project management. It's nice and good to have chaos around :); but I
have the impression that a lot of things/ideas just fizzle out and
there's some ineffectiveness.

Don't get me wrong: I know everybody is busy and time is very limited
and I don't even know what you guys all do "behind the curtains" on/for
gDesklets. These are all just "impressions" I have, nothing more or
less, and especially NO ACCUSATIONS!

>> By the way, since I was not involved in the latest 0.35.x maintenance
>> releases, I don't know about the current status there. What's the status
>> there?
> I think Chris knows best, but AFAIK we tried to release 35.4.1 but it
> was mistakenly named 35.4 which caused problems with Garnome and
> MD5-sums not matching. I reverted back to the original 35.4. The
> difference between those is that 35.4.1 had a few extra translations.
> There are still a few open bugs. Haven't really looked into those..

There has been a lot of talk on this Mailing List about the next
(0.35.5) release with all the solaris fixes etc. Due to some probs with
the Gnome SVN it hasn't been released yet. But... you know... it's been
another 1.5 months since than again :/.

OK, now you go ahead and tear me apart ;).

Greeting, Bjoern

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