Re: [gDesklets] About Task


Lauri Kainulainen schrieb:
On the other hand I'd prefer if we really started thinking about 0.40
(again :D ) and people could contribute on that. We have a roadmap and
all in the developer wiki, but the wiki is down. And when the wiki is
down, then so is the subversion repo for the prototype code.

We should really move these both on a different 24/7 server somewhere.

You're right. 0.40 got already quite far and it's time to give it more
attention again. I think a GUI builder should be part of the 0.40
release. On one hand, it's cool to have, and on the other hand, it's
good for the development of the gDesklets core since bugs and missing
features become obvious immediately. :)

Therefore I would vote for moving everything somewhere else than There are lots of options out there (sf, freshmeat, safari,
etc.). IMHO one interesting option would be launchpad. By using
bazaar-ng we could host our own repository without changes to the server

Launchpad really sounds like an interesting option.

By the way, since I was not involved in the latest 0.35.x maintenance
releases, I don't know about the current status there. What's the status


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