Re: [gDesklets] About Task

Ok. I'll bite ;)

Bjoern Koch wrote:
> Anyway! So now the next (at least partial) move...
> I know that you are always looking for "cheap" places etc., but as you
> have lots of great ideas to get gDesklets better and better and the
> project gets more and more complicated it might be a good idea to think
> about a better "infrastructure" as well.
> Money is and will always be a key issue (I guess), but taking a look at
> some vSersers it might be an option to get EVERYTHING under one roof,
> just the way you like it. For less than 10 Euro a month you should get
> what you need (I guess).
> Of course you will need to find someone who has the time and abilities
> to admin the server :/.

Sure a virtual server would be cool, but since EVERYTHING == website,
mailing list, bugzilla and code repo, I think getting one is not worth
it. Also using something like launchpad gives us a web interface to
changelogs, linking between bugs and branches, etc.. And of course
administering is a lot of work (at least in the beginning).

> Furthermore I got the feeling that gDesklets lacks of an efficient
> project management. It's nice and good to have chaos around :); but I
> have the impression that a lot of things/ideas just fizzle out and
> there's some ineffectiveness.

As someone who is doing project managing currently, I feel that we don't
need any here. We all pretty much agree on the targets for 0.40.

And because we all do this for fun and on our free time, no one could
act as a "manager". This applies to pretty much all FOSS-projects that
don't use paid labour. FOSS is still pretty much the "Bazaar" and not
the "Cathedral" :)

The BIG problem now is that collaboration is hard or impossible because
the wiki and the code for 0.40 is not available. Using a hosting service
will remove this obstacle and everyone who is interested can get the
code and take part in the development.


Lauri Kainulainen
 » lauri sokkelo net
 » +35840 7225101

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