Re: [gDesklets] About Task

> Ok. I'll bite ;)

Ouch ! :) He he !

> Also using something like launchpad gives us a web interface to
> changelogs, linking between bugs and branches, etc.. 

Sure... looks pretty good. But my main concern is about "another move",
especially when taking a look back on the last 2 years. Everytime it was
"hey, that looks great for us". Then moving took its time and a few
month later the next move had to be done. And everytime there was some
kind of "information blackout" and the project started (almost) all over
again. IMHO this has been the key to the current situation...

> And of course administering is a lot of work (at least in the beginning).

Sure it is :(.

> As someone who is doing project managing currently, I feel that we don't
> need any here. We all pretty much agree on the targets for 0.40.

Well, I was thinking about the "whole project". As far as I can tell you
won't need any management regarding the gDesklets core (but since the
WiKi is down I really have no clue what's going on ;) ).
But everything around the core is ... well... a little mess.

When talking about managing (or a "manager"), I was thinking about
someone who (in theory and idealistic and called "he" even it could be a
"she" as well)

- knows the project including the core
- knows all the desklets and controls
- builds task list and keeps track on the progress
- knows the "community" and their "demands"
- knows all the members of the team (and know how far he can "push" them
:) )
- keeps the world informed what's going on (with an entry every week or
two in some kind of blog ?!)
- sees "what's need to be done" and finds someone to do it (or does it

Right now this would/could mean something like (in a few examples):

He knows, that the most important thing right now is to get more
desklets on the new website. So: find all the authors and bring em back
on the new site. Or put them all by himself on the site (using the
legacy user ?).
If someone asks on the ML for a task list: JUMP IN: Hey, sure: put these
desklets on. Or try to convert some Sensor based desklets into Control
based desklets.
If the release of 0.35.5 has been "announced" a few weeks ago and still
nothing has happend: what's going on? If there is a problem with the
SVN... contact Gnome and get it working again. If this can't be done
within another 1 or 2 weeks: get the thing going with a new SVN (or

You know. Someone who knows gDesklets and keeps an eye on the project
and keeps it going. This takes a lot of time (and charisma I guess).

> And because we all do this for fun and on our free time, no one could
> act as a "manager". This applies to pretty much all FOSS-projects that
> don't use paid labour. FOSS is still pretty much the "Bazaar" and not
> the "Cathedral" :)

Sure. Of course this "manager" wouldn't be some kind of "boss". He's
just one of the team and would be more like a "driving force".

> The BIG problem now is that collaboration is hard or impossible because
> the wiki and the code for 0.40 is not available. Using a hosting service
> will remove this obstacle and everyone who is interested can get the
> code and take part in the development.

Well... I hope so.
But sometimes I think there is too much "you know, when 0.40 is out,
everything will be much better and fine again". And I'm not sure about
that! To be honest: I think 0.40 looks great, but the users out there
are more desperate for (working) desklets than for a new release.

Anyway. These are all my impressions and opinions. But what Do I know ;).

Keep on biting :).

Greetings, Bjoern

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