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Bjoern Koch schrieb:
Ok. I'll bite ;)

Ouch ! :) He he !

And once more! ;)

Sure... looks pretty good. But my main concern is about "another move",
especially when taking a look back on the last 2 years. Everytime it was
"hey, that looks great for us". Then moving took its time and a few
month later the next move had to be done. And everytime there was some
kind of "information blackout" and the project started (almost) all over
again. IMHO this has been the key to the current situation...

Yup, we should keep it simple and maintainable. The current drupal-based
site is good for the public face of gDesklets.
Development stuff should make use of existing solutions, and launchpad
sounds just right.
But we still need some sort of forum. This mailing list is good to have,
but a forum reaches more users.

And of course administering is a lot of work (at least in the beginning).

Sure it is :(.

This has always been the problem with gDesklets. Either we did only have
limited control over our site (g.g.o), or when we had full control,
nobody had the time to do it (
Administering is especially important once we have a forum again.
Unmoderated forums grow wild pretty soon, as we've all experienced with
gDesklets' first forum on

As someone who is doing project managing currently, I feel that we don't
need any here. We all pretty much agree on the targets for 0.40.

Well, we agree on the targets, but we still don't have a working plan to
get there. Currently I'm the only developer of 0.40. If I am the only
one, project management isn't necessary, but we don't make quick
progress, when I'm working on it alone. The 0.40 project is now at least
16 months old, and we still cannot run desklets from 0.35.x on it.
I could need some help, and then we'd also need project management. ;)

But everything around the core is ... well... a little mess.

As it has always been... :(

When talking about managing (or a "manager"), I was thinking about
someone who (in theory and idealistic and called "he" even it could be a
"she" as well)

- knows the project including the core
- knows all the desklets and controls
- builds task list and keeps track on the progress
- knows the "community" and their "demands"
- knows all the members of the team (and know how far he can "push" them
:) )
- keeps the world informed what's going on (with an entry every week or
two in some kind of blog ?!)
- sees "what's need to be done" and finds someone to do it (or does it

I'd vote for Bjoern! ;)
Honestly, he together with Lauri was the one who kept us developers and
the community together over the last year. I think nobody of us could
do the job better than Bjoern.
What do you think, Bjoern? Do you have time and motivation? :)

And because we all do this for fun and on our free time, no one could
act as a "manager". This applies to pretty much all FOSS-projects that
don't use paid labour. FOSS is still pretty much the "Bazaar" and not
the "Cathedral" :)

It became a pretty lazy bazaar lately, IMHO. And yes, I feel guilty too.
But it shouldn't be that a project like gDesklets gets stalled so soon
once the main developer steps back for some time.

Well... I hope so.
But sometimes I think there is too much "you know, when 0.40 is out,
everything will be much better and fine again". And I'm not sure about
that! To be honest: I think 0.40 looks great, but the users out there
are more desperate for (working) desklets than for a new release.

Yes, for the users, gDesklets is still 0.35.x. And this won't change
within the next few months. 0.35.x must be kept running. The new website
is a good start.

Keep on biting :).

As you wish. :)


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