Re: sound, images, GPL and other licenses

Hi :o)

On Thu, 2006-12-21 at 14:08 +0100, Thilo Pfennig wrote:
>  * If a work is licensed under BSD or Public Domain you can relicense it
> to any other license or make it proprietary, because BSD is not copyleft
> and public domain has no restriction at all.

I believe that is true for PD.

I did a bit of research earlier to try and find out how a piece of
3-clause BSD licenced code could be re-licenced, all I discovered is
that it isn't a simple matter :o) If you wanted to re-licence the code
under the GPL for example, the 3-clause BSD will still impose that the
BSD-disclaimer, copyright notice etc. be retained. I'm not sure that it
is is possible therefor to re-licence BDD under GPL, as the GPL states
that no further restrictions may be imposed. The BSD may perhaps be
re-licenced under other licences however.

I am still not a lawyer however, and this is just my best effort at
interpreting the issues, if anybody has a better grasp than I on these
matters please speak up :o)

Love, Karderio.

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