Re: sound, images, GPL and other licenses

Hi :o)

Could you not re-licence the public domain works under the GPL ? This
would not prevent them from still being available in the public domain.
If you wanted to distribute them as PD with GNOME Games, you could
provide a dual licence by stating that they are also available as PD in
the readme.

There may be advantages to using the least licences possible, asides
making things more simple for everybody. Each licence provides it's own
restrictions and gives particular permissions, having several licences
could potentially complicate things for users and distributors.

I don't know if anybody noticed the rant where an author of the Mepis
distribution publicly complained that he should not be obliged to
publish the source code for his distribution. Of course, he must.
Imagine however that unhappy with being forced to publish the source
when he did not wish to, he were to vindictively choose only to
distribute the source to the parts he was legally obliged to. He could
then distribute the source for GNOME Games without the PD artwork.
Childish of course, but people can sometimes act that way.

All this is just suggestions, it is of course not all that important,
and its fine for you to licence things just as you wish :o) IANAL, the
things I'm claiming about licences may be wrong, please correct me if
you know better.

Love Karderio.

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