Re: gnibbles, choosing time to spend on level

> I'll give you 3 options before forgetting this patch..
> 1. implement it as it is .. (I take this as a no)
> 2. up NUMBONI to 15 (This would mean NUMBONI would have to be an
> invisible preference in order to work with network games)
> 3. forget everything to do with NUMBONI.
> Its your project so it helps to as definite feedback as possible so I
> don't waste my time.
I would say 3. I would prefer to get the network versioning stuff sorted
out before we tweaked the game play. I wouldn't say the effort has been
wasted, it has highlighted a number of things we will have to change in
the gnibbles core. There is nothing like a good test case to do that.

 - Callum

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