Re: gnibbles, choosing time to spend on level

> As a rule of thumb I like to have a clean interface with the minimum of
> options. If people are having to tweak things to get what they want then
> we are probably giving them the wrong thing in the first place.
> Generalising the code is nice, but any patch has to be balanced against
> the testing the current code has received. A lot of the code is quite,
> quite, dodgy and cleaning it up is a no-brainer. Other times it isn't so
> clear.

I'll give you 3 options before forgetting this patch..

1. implement it as it is .. (I take this as a no)
2. up NUMBONI to 15 (This would mean NUMBONI would have to be an
invisible preference in order to work with network games)
3. forget everything to do with NUMBONI.

Its your project so it helps to as definite feedback as possible so I
don't waste my time.


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