Re: gnibbles, choosing time to spend on level


> This level timeout will not work for gnibbles network games.
> So you should test your changes with a network game first. (see
> gnibbles/network.c)

looks like I'll be apologising again.

I tried out the network game, playing against myself on my own
computer. It essentially carries on playing with each worm having its
own counter per level. I did manage to crash it, once but I don't
think it was because of anything I have changed and I can't repeat.

1) Pass the level_timeout as a parameter on connect... by the looks of
it probably best done with its own command.. sent by player 1 (as
host) when another player joins.

2) Make network games use the default value of 10

In terms of disabling settings, here is the lowdown as far as I can make out...
network games disables all preferences
normal games enables all preferences and disables part of the controls
IF running is true... but running is not true for network games it
seems (is that right?)
so preference.c needs to disable items in both network games and normal games?
(unless there is any reason to change number of players etc. settings
in the middle of a network game.. I assume this is an error)

So if you agree I will do either 1) or 2) and then disable the same
preferences for a network game as a normal game (and therefore fixing
the bug I put in bugzilla this morning).

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