re: gnibbles, choosing time to spend on level

> I thought I would start simple instead of jumping right into AI, so I
> allowed the user to set the level timeout, or more specifically the
> number of nibbles a worm eats before you jump level. I've allowed 1-99
> (although 1-5 and 40+ would probably never be used.)
Be warned that this is the sort of feature that I dislike as it goes
against the GNOME philosophy. By all means post it to bugzilla, many
features that sound bad seem OK once I actually try them. however, my
gut-reaction is that this parameter should be a function of the difficulty

An AI on the other hand, even a bad one, is desperately needed.

> also.. should I include png screen-shots?
These are not essential, but they can't do any harm either. Especially
when you are trying to convince me about UI changes.

 - Callum

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