Re: gnibbles, choosing time to spend on level

Stig Brautaset wrote:
It is one of my goals to get replace Iagno's AI (as it is really,
really weak)with one provided by GGTL. When time permits, and I
manage to actually build Gnome-games (I'm on a Mac), we might see
some progress in that...

I made gataxx' AI, which is not that hard and should be easy to port to iagno. Furthermore, gataxx also has a seperate board widget, which also should be ported to iagno. Maybe it is a good idea to put the board widget in the gnome-games library, so both gataxx and iagno (and maybe other games, like checkers) can use it. Another idea is to put iagno, gataxx and checkers in one program, like aisleriot has multiple games in one program.


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