Re: gnibbles, choosing time to spend on level

> Be warned that this is the sort of feature that I dislike as it goes
> against the GNOME philosophy. By all means post it to bugzilla, many
> features that sound bad seem OK once I actually try them. however, my
> gut-reaction is that this parameter should be a function of the difficulty
> level.
Its not going to break my heart if you don't take it, but I do feel
that allowing longer worms adds considerably to the gameplay.. I
didn't want to argue to just bump up NUMBONI because its not too
everyones taste. I wouldn't want it linked with speed because I can
only cope with speed up to a certain level.. but I really enjoy long
snakes. Maybe you would feel happier with a boolean box called simply
"Long snakes"

> An AI on the other hand, even a bad one, is desperately needed.
I will work on it, but I do have to do some of my dissertation first.
> > also.. should I include png screen-shots?
> These are not essential, but they can't do any harm either. Especially
> when you are trying to convince me about UI changes.

I've attached one because I think it looks really cool. Maybe its just me!

Not too push the boat too much but the suggestion given last month to
another guy to make it so that in multiplayer when one worm dies, it
stays there but the live worm(s) can carry on (or possibly when more
than 1 player is left it carries on although one person is dead)... is
this something you would like to see and would you want it as an
option or hard-coded?


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