Question to GNOME Foundation Board candidates

Recently has been a campaign to expose GNOME weakness, like:

* GTK+ is C and ugly
* Bugzilla is old and user unfriendly
* Developers don't here suggestions from users
* No apps for GNOME/GTK+

This is a short list of thinks I heart, no my opinions.

As Foundation Bouard Member:

** How do you address negative campaigns from *users*? There are a response on, but developer oriented not user oriented, then there are few diffussion about GNOME technologies goodness and use in other projects (including KDE).

** Are you planning to produce a "User Experience Road Map" for GNOME? In order to help users see how they will be beneficied with GNOME's infraestructure and/or libraries. I mean, how, for example, Gtk+ changes and roadmap, is going to help users to get the best of their favorite Desktop Environment.

** Are you planning to involve GNOME Foundation or sign an alliance with other non-profit organization, in order to support developers fixing users requested bugs/wish lists/fix beheavoir of GNOME related projects? Check at [1]


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