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Thanks for the questions, Max. 

On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 5:41 PM, Max <sakanamax gmail com> wrote:

1)  How many hours per week do you expect you will be able to dedicate to working on the board on a regular basis?

I plan to dedicate around 5 - 15 hours a week for GNOME activities, and know that some days the work will be lighter and sometimes it will be heavier. My employer is understanding of my commitment to GNOME, so I would be able to adjust my hours as needed. 

2)  What's your plan and view with GNOME in Asia? How do you think about grow GNOME in Asia? How to co-work with others?

I would approach this question from the Engagement team's perspective :) We are working on things to empower local groups, not just in Asia, but all over the world. The first thing is identifying our core local organizers in Asia, talking with them to understand their needs, and then giving them tools to empower them. We are creating more visible merchandise for GNOME so that local organizers can easily buy things like stickers, t-shirts, pens, etc. In order to make GNOME more accessible, we are also working on a budget plan - and will try to create an easy process for local organizers to ask for a budget for things like meetups, release parties, merchandise, and potentially travel to conferences to represent GNOME. I also hope we can start better documenting the success stories for starting and maintaining new local groups so that we can replicate them in other areas. 

I have a lot of other ideas, as does the Engagement team. If you're interested in learning more about our work, and potentially contributing to our local organization project... you should join us! ;) Our meetings are at 17:00 UTC on Fridays via IRC (#engagement) and video calls. It'd be great to have more members in Asia so we can start regular Engagement meetings at another time and then sync the two Engagement teams via regular email updates and IRC. 

3)  About GNOME Executive Director, how do you think about GNOME ED? And what will you do if we still search GNOME ED? ( I am not mean for help to search GNOME ED, cause we already have GNOME ED committee :)  )

I'm not sure that I fully understand this question, but I think you're asking how an ED would function in relation to the Board. Please send a follow-up question if that wasn't really your intended question. 

Since I haven't been a Board member before, I don't have full visibility into that relationship, however, one particularly interesting part of the ED's job description is that he or she would be the main relationship builder between the GNOME Foundation and the Advisory Board. I would love to help the ED better leverage the Ad board ;) I really like the idea that we can ask our Ad Board not only for monetary help, but for relationships that can help the GNOME Foundation (like connecting us to speakers for our conferences, or helping us post news items to the press wire when needed, etc). 

As part of the Board, I would be particularly interested in increasing internal communication throughout the GNOME project and understanding the pain points and wish lists of each team so that the Board can better serve and connect them to resources. Until we find an ED, it would be great if the Board can take a proactive stance towards leveraging the Advisory Board to help the GNOME project in these ways, and when we find the ED, the Board can still help the ED be the bridge between all teams. 

I just want to emphasize the importance of listening and learning first. In order to be truly effective, I want to first spend time learning more about how everything functions, including the ED / Board relationship. 

If you have any follow up questions, I'm happy to answer them. 



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