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Hi Daniel, 

Thanks for your questions! Please see my responses below. 

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** How do you address negative campaigns from *users*? There are a response on, but developer oriented not user oriented, then there are few diffussion about GNOME technologies goodness and use in other projects (including KDE).

I think this is a very interesting question and I would approach it in two ways: 
  1. What is the role of the Board in actively combating negative perceptions of the GNOME Project in the eyes of the community? 

  2. How can the Board empower the community to be able to advocate on behalf of the GNOME Project and the Foundation? 
I would love to explore the first, and learn from what has been done by the Board in the past in such instances. I imagine we could potentially release a statement publicly to defend the GNOME Project, if needed. That being said, I would really like to understand where the negative remarks are coming from and if there's a common theme. I'd ask questions like, are the negative remarks coming from a single user or user group? What's at the foundation of their attack? Do they have any valid point, or is their campaign just based on hatred or misunderstanding? Once we better understand the negative comments and campaigns, then we can decide if their criticism is something that we want to take into account and change about the Project, or not. There's often truth in criticism, and so my approach would be to understand what's at the bottom of the campaigns first and foremost in order to improve the Project, and in order to keep it safe.

The second point is important too — it would be great to empower the Foundation members, and our larger community, to help us combat negative campaigns. We can do that by increasing the communication flow and educating the community on the criticism, on what we are doing to address valid points in the criticism, and how we should handle any parts of the negative campaign that are invalid or just hateful. 

** Are you planning to produce a "User Experience Road Map" for GNOME? In order to help users see how they will be beneficied with GNOME's infraestructure and/or libraries. I mean, how, for example, Gtk+ changes and roadmap, is going to help users to get the best of their favorite Desktop Environment.

Since I'd be a new Board member, I haven't been planning anything like that :) But, I'd love to hear suggestions like this surfaced to the Board! What are your ideas to benefit the whole community? This User Experience Roadmap idea sounds very interesting, and I'd love to hear more about the problem you think it'd help solve. If it's not something that the Board should be involved with directly, maybe we can point you out to the right team or figure out the best way to address your concern.

I'd love to help promote a culture of listening in the Board and be proactive in serving you guys. Because of my Engagement team hat, I'm really interested in hearing more ideas for how to connect existing members and draw in more users and contributors.


** Are you planning to involve GNOME Foundation or sign an alliance with other non-profit organization, in order to support developers fixing users requested bugs/wish lists/fix beheavoir of GNOME related projects? Check at [1]

I'm not quite sure about this one and would like to hear more about your ideas. It looks like you've received quite a few votes on your initiative and am interested in hearing more about what your findings are so far. 

This seems like another initiative to bring up with the Engagement team. It sounds like you have a lot of ideas for us — want to join? ;)

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