Re: Question to GNOME Foundation Board candidates

On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 2:41 AM, Max <sakanamax gmail com> wrote:
Hello all,


1)  How many hours per week do you expect you will be able to dedicate to
working on the board on a regular basis?

I don't really think that's something that can be quantified
effectively. My experience with the board this year tells me that it
doesn't really make sense to think you'll have a fixed amount of time
dedicated to board work in advance. Sometimes there's a lot of things
that need to be taken care of urgently, sometimes it's more quiet and
the board has time to sit back and pick up tasks that have been left
aside, like thinking about long term strategy. Sometimes you do work
as a board member, but that could be counted as part of your work in
another team, like coordinating with event organizers or the
engagement team.

That being said, being at the head of my own company allows me to be
quite flexible, and allocate time to GNOME work as needed.

2)  What's your plan and view with GNOME in Asia? How do you think about
grow GNOME in Asia? How to co-work with others?

I don't have a plan, apart from continuing to support events in Asia.

I don't think I'm close enough to witness the growth in Asia, but I
like to think it's been fruitful so far and it's an area that we need
to keep working on, as a community.

3)  About GNOME Executive Director, how do you think about GNOME ED? And
what will you do if we still search GNOME ED? ( I am not mean for help to
search GNOME ED, cause we already have GNOME ED committee :)  )

I think we really need an ED, sooner rather than later. It's
unfortunate that the search so far hasn't been succesful, but I hope
we'll see a positive outcome soon.

Alexandre Franke
GNOME Hacker & Foundation Director

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