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Hi Daniel,

On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 1:38 PM, Daniel Espinosa <esodan gmail com> wrote:
Recently has been a campaign to expose GNOME weakness, like:

* GTK+ is C and ugly
* Bugzilla is old and user unfriendly
* Developers don't here suggestions from users
* No apps for GNOME/GTK+

This is a short list of thinks I heart, no my opinions.

As Foundation Bouard Member:

** How do you address negative campaigns from *users*? There are a response on, but developer oriented not user oriented, then there are few diffussion about GNOME technologies goodness and use in other projects (including KDE).

I think that hiring a new ED would be helpful in this area, and the best way for the board to help address this would be to fill that role as quickly as possible. In the past the ED has engaged the larger community through talks, interviews, etc. I think this provided a consistent source of new and positive information about the project.

There have also been efforts in the past by the Engagement Team to address concerns and engage in discussion where possible. as others have stated,  I think the Board's role in that case would be to provide a supporting role.

** Are you planning to produce a "User Experience Road Map" for GNOME? In order to help users see how they will be beneficied with GNOME's infraestructure and/or libraries. I mean, how, for example, Gtk+ changes and roadmap, is going to help users to get the best of their favorite Desktop Environment.

 I do not personally have plans for this, and I don't think that I would undertake this if I were elected. However, if this was undertaken by the community while I am serving on the board, I would support it.

** Are you planning to involve GNOME Foundation or sign an alliance with other non-profit organization, in order to support developers fixing users requested bugs/wish lists/fix beheavoir of GNOME related projects? Check at [1]

In the past I believe there was discussion around spending funds raised during the privacy campaign on bounties. I am not sure if that is still under discussion, or if a decision was made to call for contract proposals. I think that bounties are a good idea, because they may be a way to encourage contributors (for example, former interns) to stay involved. However, it's important that the amount of work and the cost of such an initiative would not outweigh the benefits to the community. Therefore I would proceed by carefully looking at the discussion and work that has been done with regard to the privacy funds, and see if something like a bounty program would be possible. 

In terms of engaging with other organizations, I think Open Hatch does a good job of connecting new contributors with mentors, and lists some GNOME bugs. However, they don't have any infrastructure that I know of that would help in setting up bounties. And of course, within GNOME there are already initiatives such as GNOME Love which support developers who wish to start contributing to the project.

I hope that answers your questions! Please feel free to follow up if you wish!



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