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  > I think that a banner ad for Builder endorses Builder.  (That's fine.)
  > > It does not really endorse Indiegogo, but it does urge people to go to
  > > the Indiegogo site and donate.
  > >

  > I would still have to say that the banner *advertises* Builder (and of
  > course, endorses it too) but that it also inadvertently *endorses* the use
  > of indiGoGo, in the process.

I think we don't need to argue about this subtle shade of meaning.

The substantial point is that this issue is NOT about endorsement in
general.  It's about a very specific kind of case: a recommendation
that people go to a certain web site and perform a certain kind of
operation there.

Because the issue is so specific, it is ethically simple -- it's wrong
to recommend the operation if the operation requires running nonfree
software (including JS code).

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