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  > 1. In what situations can any published link on GNOME's servers be
  > representative of the GNOME Foundation (i.e. how are we defining GNOME as a
  > trademark/brand) such that that link could be perceived as being an
  > endorsement/advertisement.

The issue at hand is not a matter of endorsement.  At least, not in the
usual sense of the word.

I think that a banner ad for Builder endorses Builder.  (That's fine.)
It does not really endorse Indiegogo, but it does urge people to go to
the Indiegogo site and donate.

Unfortunately, that is exactly where the problem enters, because donating
thru Indiegogo means users must run nonfree software on their own machines.

This issue of nonfree software is different in nature from endorsement
and can arise even in the absence of an endorsement.

I agree that GNOME should study the question of endorsements
and when to make them, but that's a different issue.

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