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On 01/05/2015 03:44 PM, Magdalen Berns wrote:
To elaborate on the point about fundraisers a little further: Also
though I have to wonder whether future fundraisers could maybe be
handled in the same way as the groupon fundraiser was managed. since that did not seem to be too
controversial at the time. If that sort of thing would mean more work
but ultimately lower fees, then perhaps GNOME could also take an
administrative cut off the top for managing the donations on behalf of
the relevant project developers? It might also be worthwhile for us to
set up a dedicated wiki page guide explaining what alternative
fundraising platforms GNOME want projects to use and compile a list of
links on there and have some recommendations for standard practices. It
might also be handy for those wishing to fund their projects if we
compiled and outline the logical steps a project manager and/or project
developer might take to get set up and seek permission and support with
launch etc. 

If crowdfunding was a service that the GNOME foundation offered it's
members, I would be in favor of that. However, as it stands today, I
believe this would cause undue burden on the board.

Additionally, I'm against a policy on external links based on their
JavaScript, full stop. (However, I'm willing to entertain a policy based
on other guidelines).

-- Christian

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