Re: Linking to non-free websites from

I wasn't confused, and I wasn't speaking about the recent Groupon fundraiser.  There's been a few calls here for free software alternatives to Indiegogo as well as GNOME becoming involved with those alternatives.  Many of the proposed alternatives were not crowdfunding and shouldn't be treated as drop-in replacements.  I don't feel I'm being pedantic making that point.

This is not new information so the same response as before is appropriate.
As a side note, I really don't think the Groupon experience should be held up as a shiny example.

I never said it was a shining example. I said that the recent campaign seems to have demonstrated that in principle GNOME already has the infrastructure which could allow them to accept money for any given crowdfunding campaign on behalf of community driven projects (and any general fundraising too, of course). That's exactly what I said. Being hosted by GNOME did not prevent it from being successful either, by the way.


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