Re: Linking to non-free websites from

> I understand that you can't move the campaign now.  But can you post a
> bitcoin address, and invite people to send money that way if they
> don't want to run nonfree JS code?

I've added a section to the campaign borrowed from crowdsupply.

It's great this is resolved.
As for bitcoin, I'm not comfortable 1) publishing publicly if i have a
bitcoin wallet.

The stigma related to bitcoin is just the media doing their thing to try and discredit it, in my humble view. A lot of people do not buy into that stuff. With that said, it is reasonable for anyone to be uncomfortable with something and not be made to feel pressured so yeah, I think people should be willing to accept that this is how you feel.
2) what that wallet's address would be.

It's usually possible to generate any number of addresses so it is plausible to generate a new one dedicated for a single specific purpose, if that helps.


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