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On 7 August 2014 15:16, Máirín Duffy <duffy fedoraproject org> wrote:

On 08/07/2014 10:05 AM, Pascal Terjan wrote:

I doesn't help. Do you think that because they could help this should
be the permanent solution and there is no need to find a better one?
Are you still using their hose?

Here is what I said in the email that you initially replied to:

"If there are financial concerns, let's continue to go through the actual
data and see if there is a way to solve them."

I thought a house running from one neighbor's house to another was a clear
illustration of a *temporary* solution to help someone out before they were
solvent on their own. No, we are not still using the hose. We had to solve
the root problem of getting pipe repaired and securing the funds /
responsibility there before it could be disconnected though. How can you not
see how this relates?

No one said we should drop it and ask that someone takes it over.
It should be discussed with other participants and when a better
solution is found it can be transitioned.

No one said that in as many words, no. But when it is essentially being said
that (1) it is able to operate at this time due to support from GNOME that
GNOME cannot afford AND (2) it should be split off from GNOME, then the end
result is splitting something off that cannot operate on its own. This is
equivalent to killing it unless I am missing something.

The possibilities I have seen discussed so far were:
- Get more funding to be able to employ someone
- Create a spearate fundation but that seems hard and could have more
problems than GNOME currently has
- Get things administrated by one of the other bigger participating

I haven't felt anyone wanted to get rid of it just to get rid of it

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