Re: Minutes of the Board meeting of October 29th, 2013

On Mon, 2013-11-25 at 10:48 -0500, Emily Gonyer wrote:
On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 9:30 AM, Tobias Mueller <muelli cryptobitch de> wrote:

On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 09:03:34AM -0500, Emily Gonyer wrote:
And, once again, I have to ask, how much different does it have/need
to be?
I don't think any designer would want my advice as to how to make a logo.
But I am very confident that minor modifications such as using the Ubuntu circle
instead of a plain filled circle would make all of us happy.

It is slightly different already, in Ubuntu's normal scheme for
spinoffs - if you look at Xubuntu's logo its a solid circle with the
XFCE mouse inside in relief
I claim false facts.
The XFCE logo seems to be this:
A full bodied, potentially running mouse in front of an X.
The Xubuntu logo seems to be that one:
It's a (probably the XFCE) mouse's head in a filled circle.
So the logos differ.

Kubuntu's is a solid circle with KDE's logo inside.
The KDE logo <> is a
K gear.
The Kubuntu logo <>
has a split gear-wheel only. The K is missing.
Thus, the logos differ.

Alright. So how about this. We chop the toes off of the foot, so its
not quite the same. Will that work for you?

"Don't use the unmodified GNOME logo as the logo for your GNOME based

That's hard? No, it's not. That'd work for me. I don't think it would
look too good, but it would avoid using the unmodified GNOME logo.

As Dave pointed out, back a few yrs ago, people who were using only
portions of GNOME were happily included in the GNOME family. But now
GNOME insists on drawing utterly arbitrary and constantly shifting
lines in the sand as to what constitutes 'GNOME'. Its ridiculous. Its
spiteful, and above all its counter productive.

"Arbitrary and constantly shifting lines in the sand" ?

You probably didn't understand the original problem. I don't think the
position changed one bit in the number of years we've held the

The Ubuntu GNOME logo is the GNOME logo with a circle around it! Not the
GNOME logo with the Ubuntu circle, not the GNOME logo with an 18th
century golden frame around, not the GNOME logo with its toes chopped
off, just the GNOME logo in a way that only the GNOME project can and
should use.

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