Re: Minutes of the Board meeting of October 29th, 2013

Dave Neary <dneary gnome org> wrote:
My stance is that I am happy for them (or anyone) to include GNOME in their
product. They have permission (IIRC) to name it "something GNOME". So it's a
different product, i.e. not "GNOME". I am happy if they use our logo. I'd be
more happy if they also silghtly modify the logo as they slightly modified the
name. I assume it's relatively low effort and helps us to defend improper usage
in the future and them to differentiate their product. If it's not low effor to
slightly modify the logo, then I might come to a different conclusion.

I totally agree Toby.

This is pretty much my position, although I'd probably weight my
preference for modifying the logo a bit more strongly. (There's
clearly been some miscommunication here.) Of course Ubuntu GNOME
should be able to use the logo - I was just arguing that they
shouldn't *just* use the GNOME logo [1].


[1] It's a useful thought exercise to think about what would happen if
openSUSE (to pick an example) wanted to launch "openSUSE GNOME", btw.
In this case they'd differentiate themselves from "Ubuntu GNOME",

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