Re: Proposal: DNS change becomes A record and starts getting phased out.

On 05/10/2013 12:27 PM, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:
On Sat, May 11, 2013 at 12:24 AM, Sumana Harihareswara
<sumanah panix com> wrote:
On 05/10/2013 10:17 AM, Rui Tiago Cação Matos wrote:
Seriously, can everyone relax and not take every little detail so
seriously? I'm all for advertising in our websites etc.
But there's really no need to take down DNS entries and whatnot.
It's sort of odd for a member of a software organization to advocate
being less serious about details.  We have a bug tracker because details

Asking others to "relax" implies that other people are working too hard
or caring too much about an issue, as though it is unimportant.
Different issues are important to different people and it's a bit
annoying to be told to "relax" about what matters to you.

On 10 May 2013 15:55, meg ford <meg387 gmail com> wrote:
I'm saying that it's an I18n issue. I recently read that the GNOME foot is
insulting in Thailand so we are trying not to use it there.
And this why you can't ever win. There will always be something that's
offensive for someone in this planet so yeah just don't bother too
If by "win" you mean "get a special permanent I AM NOT OFFENSIVE
designation from the United Nations," no, you can't "win".  However, as
a person deciding where to spend my time and what organizations to take
seriously, I will say that organizations that make some efforts to act
sensitively "win" my time and attention.
See here is a very interesting conflict.

Some of us think that we should be very careful about what words we
choose to represent GNOME, to the point of even renaming things in
GNOME because "someone might be offended".
It's not just because there might exist one who is offended, it's about
not being improper.
Like it or not, the decisions we make at this scope has an undertone,
what is appropriate for an IRC network name, eventually becomes what
is appropriate for a program name, or even a program's release name,
and eventually what is appropriate to write in emails on our mailing lists
and what is appropriate to post in our blogs.
Already there is a spectrum of what is and is not appropriate. It's not
appropriate, for example, to name projects in ways that allude to
abortion, the holocaust, slavery etc. GNOME is a Free Software
community, and should stick to that.
One the one hand, you have the theory that "being very careful" is
an attitude which makes GNOME appear more welcoming, and on
the other hand, "being very careful" is exactly the opposite.
It makes GNOME more welcoming to some people, while simultaneously
asking more of others.
Would you like to join a community where everything you say is
under strict scrutiny ? where you cannot freely express yourself
in your blog without being really careful to make all of your comments
"gender neutral" and politically correct ?
This is the Internet. Everything you say is public and subject to strict
scrutiny. Again there is a spectrum of what is and is not appropriate.
The topic at hand is really getting at where to delineate this spectrum
-- who gets to say what is appropriate, and whose sensibilities are
taken into account.
Or would you rather be a part of a community where people are
a bit more "relaxed" and laid back, where you can just be yourself,
express yourself freely, assume that people mean well and not
be afraid that you will be accused for expressing yourself in a way
that might be misconstrued ?
If I was a casual racist, sexist, ableist, etc. it would probably be
easiest to fit in a community that did not recognize such things as
problematic. Should GNOME be yet another space for these people to fit
in without being questioned, or should GNOME push its community to
become better?
If one were to say that refers to 'gimp' and is intentionally
rude, that would definitely count as misconstrued, do we really
want to set an example to gnome contributors that anything they
say in our public infrastructure might be frowned upon, just because
it could be taken out of context in some way ?
It's not taken out of context, it's just inappropriate. Replace 'gimp'
with a racial slur, and it may be easier to understand. We want to set
an example that GNOME strives to be socially conscious and inclusive of
all walks of life.
Personally I am (obviously) of the camp which would rather
have a "relaxed" and laid back attitude.
"relaxed" seems to me to mean unchallenged. If the wrong aren't
challenged, this is a problem.

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