Re: A few observations about GIMPNET

On 12-10-15 06:24 AM, Frederic Peters wrote:
>> > In the past I've joined the #opers channel multiple times asking why
>> > there was no intention to improve the GIMPNET network but I alwais
>> > received no answer and as of today I still don't know the real reason
>> > behind that decision.
> On the opposite I've always had a fast and helpful reaction time on
> #opers, while I joined #freenode last week to ask for my seemingly
> unused nick to be dropped from NickServ, so I could claim it for
> myself, and left after non-helpful comments.

Good point.  Reminds me that I lost my #harfbuzz channel a while ago and my
multiple attempts to reclaim it has been unsuccessful.  Freenode seems to be
seriously understaffed (see for example [1]).  Definitely would be a
regression in terms of support.



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