Re: A few observations about GIMPNET

Andrea Veri wrote:

> In the past I've joined the #opers channel multiple times asking why
> there was no intention to improve the GIMPNET network but I alwais
> received no answer and as of today I still don't know the real reason
> behind that decision.

On the opposite I've always had a fast and helpful reaction time on
#opers, while I joined #freenode last week to ask for my seemingly
unused nick to be dropped from NickServ, so I could claim it for
myself, and left after non-helpful comments.

> We want to improve things so if running our channels over the Freenode
> network would take us 10 new users per month it would be a success.

I used to be on #django, on freenode, but someday it was decided the
channel would be restricted to registered users, and I wasn't, and
have not been back on that channel; of course this is a decision they
made, I am sure we would do differently, but still, I like how gimpnet
is known to be open.

I don't want to discuss those particular anecdotes, I mentioned them
only to point out that I'm fine on gimpnet, as it currently stands.


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