Re: A few observations about GIMPNET

On 12-10-15 05:23 AM, Andrea Veri wrote:
> I said *many* people gave their consensus about a possible move but I
> didn't see a *single* mail saying we should stay on GIMPNET for the X,
> Y, Z reason.

Sure, many of us avoid replying "+1" to something that someone else has
already said very well.  In this case, to ebassi's messages for example.
Remember, in many discussions there may be a silent majority and a vocal
minority.  That definitely was the case when we were discussing git vs bzr.  A
survey helped there.  For this discussion, I don't see what major benefit this
will have to the project, but on the downside: it's a lot of work, dilutes
identity, and we would lose some if not all of our sense of community.


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