Re: How to open Gnome Malaysia Usergroup

I didn't realize I was writing to all of you.  Here's the same message
in English.

    People in Malaysia already think that
    Free Software are free no need to pay anything and if need support it also
    free cause the software are free and no need to paid extra and no need to
    give any special treatment.

The way to correct this is by teaching people "free software berarti bebas,
bukannya tanpa harga."  (Free software means free as in freedom, not gratis.)
This has to be spoken frequently.

    This happen several past years when
    other OSS community fight between FOSS community and FLOSS community and the
    result war hate each others and make our people afraid,hate, fear, crap

How strange.  "FOSS" is "free and open source software".  This is a
way of supporting both free software and open source.  "FLOSS" is
another way to do the same thing.  How strange to have a fight
between the supporters of FLOSS and FOSS and OSS.

We of the free software movement don't want to fight with the people
who support open source.  They are not our enemy.  Our enemy is
software that colonizes the users.  We say that the philosophy of open
source is not evil, just weak.

    We would use GNOME usergroup for "Free Software" term dont worry about that
    we will put our banner or bunting and design that GNOME was free software
    not using OSS/FOSS/FLOSS term. We will slowly adopt it to our culture about
    "FREEDOM" word to our community.

That is very good -- thanks.  User's freedom needs your help along
with our help.

Richard Stallman
President, Free Software Foundation
51 Franklin St
Boston MA 02110

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