Re: How to open Gnome Malaysia Usergroup

    Thank for remind me again about Free Software. When you want to come back to
    Malaysia after your last attend at FOSS.MY. If your have free time we would
    like to invite you to come to our MOSC2011 as our speakers :).

Thank you, but given that the name of that event says "open source",
my participation would give people the wrong idea.  I give my support
to events that fly the banner of "free software, perangkat lunak
bebas, ziyou ruanjian."

Likewise, a GNOME User Group should advocate free software, not open

I understand that you'd like to get business to contribute money for
activities, and that's fine if you can do it, but _aiming_ for that
does tend to alter the message.  Our message is, "You deserve
freedom", and it should not be replaced with "Do what business will

Richard Stallman
President, Free Software Foundation
51 Franklin St
Boston MA 02110

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