Re: How to open Gnome Malaysia Usergroup


On 01/19/11 06:28 AM, Mohd Fazli Azran wrote:
Dear sir,

I`m representative form Open Source Developer Club Malaysia (OSDCMY). We
are the local community in Malaysia that promote and market OSS to
Malaysia people. We now to ready to lead the OSS community in Malaysia s
now we start many project for OSS any link with may OSS community in
Malaysia like Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, FreeBSD, Joomla, Drupal and etc.

Note that GNOME is a Free Software project.  There are some open source
groups that do have a "GNOME Users Group" subgroup.  According to the
GNOME Users Group guidelines:

It is expected that GNOME Users Groups do make an effort to promote and
foster both GNOME and free software.  There is also a Code of Conduct
and Speaker Guidelines that apply to GNOME Users Groups members when
they are representing GNOME or at GNOME related functions.  There are
other details you should review in the Guidelines to fully understand.

Just so you understand what a "GNOME Users Group" means.


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