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Hi all, 

Thank for replying my email. Sorry for my late reply. I just got accident by motorcycle. Now i can use my right hand to type email cause my other hand injured i now on MC for one week. Thank for the information that you all give you give to me. I`m aware that gnome already have MS translation group but not aware that Malaysia already have Gnome user because i confuse with usergroup and sub usergroup. But i will check the FAQ. I will read the guideline, code of conduct and HOWTO about usergroups. -->It this was Malaysia Usergroups or sub usergroup because i dont see it usergroup list. 

About the party launching we might be happy to make it also since we already make launch party Drupal and now to plan make for openSUSE party. 

FYI many OSS/FLOSS/FOSS community in Malaysia now in slow mode xtvt cause many people now have the own personnel commitment, busy with carrier, family and not have interest to active back. OSDCMY  launch at 2009 by our former Malaysia Prime Minister to make our community live again. We now collaboration with all the community and united under one umbrella so we can move forward as one entity and represent them as one since many community have internal problem like money, people and management. So we use OSDCMY to be pilot project as our for OSS/FOSS/FLOSS community in Malaysia. You can visit all OSS/FOSS,FLOSS mailing list like fedora-my, ubuntu-my, opensuse-my, joomla-my, drupal-my, kde-my, firefox-my, foss-my and others.


Thank for remind me again about Free Software. When you want to come back to Malaysia after your last attend at FOSS.MY. If your have free time we would like to invite you to come to our MOSC2011 as our speakers :). We aware about term OSS, FOSS & FLOSS. We now here because we want make people interest about Open Source Software neither it a free or free license. We make may awareness program about OSS because we want Malaysia people like and love to coding and programming. OSDCMY agenda is to produce and create programmer, coder & developer. Before we can reach this agenda we need 1st to make people interest and have intension about OSS project. That why we make OSS Day and road tour at our public university and give them information and awareness about OSS use our own pocket money, time and energy to make it happen. It need a lot of commitment from us to make it happen sometime some of our member feel like waste their time to promote OSS in Malaysia and many of them withdraw from OSDCMY but we have other people not yet lose out the faith and we continue what we done so far with people that still have spirit. So far we got small sponsor from Redhat Malaysia, Novell Malaysia and others small company that donor to our project. We also ask IBM Malaysia, Oracle Malaysia and other Hardware company and MNC but we can see they not have interest to help us or support us. For them business is important not community or for "FREE". The best part M$ are also donor to us if we have any events that we manage and their said "M$ want help OSDCMY if others dont want to help". They dont want to know what the money goes or ask back their just donor. Went we give the report to our top government agency like MAMPU & MDEC because their was higher agency government that in-charge about ICT movement in Malaysia they also surprise "what the hell M$ doing in OSS community and why they just donor some money but others ICT company not interest to help out, Where the hell (Oracle, IBM,HP,Dell & etc) in OSS community why they not give support and donor to local community that make OSS program" that why i put remark ?

You know that without money involvement we cant go anywhere and we will stuck forever with this level. For make others business community have interest and get them involve we must make as many events and program about  OSS and make track record that we are serious and we are also professional interm organize and manage OSS community. Hope RMS understand a short story about OSS/FOSS/FLOSS community in Malaysia.

On Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 4:15 AM, Richard Stallman <rms gnu org> wrote:
for more explanation of the difference between free software and open

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Mohd Fazli Azran
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