Apologies to GNOME

It has been a very bumpy road for Zeitgeist with GNOME. I really don't
feel like going into details and history since this won't help us
proceed. I admit my part of the problem.

While I might not be the best developer around I do try to bring
something new to the table and I do hope that GNOME can see it at some
point. What started off as a GNOME project is now being endorsed by
Unity, KDE and lots of small community projects. We worked on being a
cross-desktop project with our roots in GNOME. I am not going to
debate what needs to be changed in Zeitgeist to be more GNOME friendly
(moving to git etc...) since its not fair for other deployments and
not fair for us as developers who are used to our work environment.
And while I might be the face of Zeitgeist the project has outgrown me
and we have lots hackers and contributors around, so please feel free
to get to know them.

So to sum it up:

"Sorry we've disagreed about things or I've come across badly in the
past. I didn't mean to be impolite. just want to help bring some cool
features to GNOME and GNOME Shell. I hope we can have a clean start
and try and get along well from here"


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