How to open Gnome Malaysia Usergroup

Dear sir,

I`m representative form Open Source Developer Club Malaysia (OSDCMY). We are the local community in Malaysia that promote and market OSS to Malaysia people. We now to ready to lead the OSS community in Malaysia s now we start many project for OSS any link with may OSS community in Malaysia like Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, FreeBSD, Joomla, Drupal and etc.

But in Malaysia i can see we not have any GNOME community. So think we better start one and we can start 1st translation project. OSDC.My already manage the biggest open source conference almost 2 years already we call it Malaysia Open Source Conference (MOSC). We now are prepare to do our 3rd MOSC2011 for this years. Yeah need a lot of work to do now. But at least we can make people interest about OSS and perhaps we can be one of the contributor to the OSS community around the world. If we not start now others will not start. I`m also involve other OSS ambassador like Fedora, openSUSE & PCBSD and OWASP. Hope GNOME ca help us how to start GNOME Malaysia. Thanks

Mohd Fazli Azran
Secretariat OSDCMY

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