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We will bring the banner "Free Software" for our MOSC2011 despite we maybe integrate our motto  "Innovation". Free Software mean "Aplikasi Bebas" in Malay. 

I would like to use term "Freedom Software" for overall our campaign for OSS/FOSS/FLOSS so everybody can adopt it. Our Malaysian culture are very complex and need more understanding and need more explanation to our people. They think "Free like beer" but dont think that beer are also need to paid. For us here like "Free as Teh Tarik". People in Malaysia already think that Free Software are free no need to pay anything and if need support it also free cause the software are free and no need to paid extra and no need to give any special treatment. They Malaysian people mindset like that and make people are more on consumer not for producer. That why OSS/FOSS/FLOSS are dumb here and cant do any support business and many company that try to adopt OSS/FOSS/FLOSS business slowly die because our culture not to intent to change use any OSS/FOSS/FLOSS and dont care about it. 

We want Malaysia people also are developer, coder & programmer that can contribute to community around the world. OSDCMY was created after we see OSS/FOSS/FLOSS people at Australia do that and we use their plan and base for build at Malaysia also. OSDCMY use for link with others OSS/FOSS/FLOSS community in one roof so we can move forward together, share any information and make discussion among others OSS/FOSS/FLOSS community. We now plan start from below to up so we can slowly give the true information and explain to them what we can make from OSS/FOSS/FLOSS. When we present to our people we dont want them argue what is OSS,FOSS,FLOSS. It make people hate and fight each others and make others people or outside people hate OSS/FOSS/FLOSS community. This happen several past years when other OSS community fight between FOSS community and FLOSS community and the result war hate each others and make our people afraid,hate, fear, crap & disgusted to join any OSS, FOSS & FLOSS community. OSDCMY build because we want the unite back and make only one voice so we can together bring the community to be more professional and make more friend and make our community are more friendly and make people interest. That not a easy job after what happen past several years. 

We would use GNOME usergroup for "Free Software" term dont worry about that we will put our banner or bunting and design that GNOME was free software not using OSS/FOSS/FLOSS term. We will slowly adopt it to our culture about "FREEDOM" word to our community. Until our community are matured and ready to use the term "FREE". Our community now like 6 years child and need more educated and long explanation. We are now on progress to be 12 years boy. That are our community history from 1996 until now.

I will at Lisbon, Portugal to attend OWASP Submit 2011 from 8-11 February 2011. Just asking if any GNOME people participate that events cause i also was OWASP Malaysia Chapter Leader. I will update the GNOME usergroup application and hope some day we can see GNOME Malaysia in the picture. Thanks all

On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 8:50 AM, Richard Stallman <rms gnu org> wrote:
   Thank for remind me again about Free Software. When you want to come back to
   Malaysia after your last attend at FOSS.MY. If your have free time we would
   like to invite you to come to our MOSC2011 as our speakers :).

Thank you, but given that the name of that event says "open source",
my participation would give people the wrong idea.  I give my support
to events that fly the banner of "free software, perangkat lunak
bebas, ziyou ruanjian."

Likewise, a GNOME User Group should advocate free software, not open

I understand that you'd like to get business to contribute money for
activities, and that's fine if you can do it, but _aiming_ for that
does tend to alter the message.  Our message is, "You deserve
freedom", and it should not be replaced with "Do what business will

Richard Stallman
President, Free Software Foundation
51 Franklin St
Boston MA 02110

Mohd Fazli Azran
"Freedom was Our Culture"

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