Re: GNOME: lack of strategic roadmap

Possibly Alberto is right. Anyway, the original message of this thread
is that GNOME doesn't have long term goals. It seems that the
improvement of GTK attact a lot of attention. 

Maybe, this can be one of our long term goals. There are technical
issues that are better discussed on the development list, but if we mark
this as one of our long term goals, the other teams of our community
also have to work on this goal. We all have to be aware we are in the
process of making GTK+ sexier than ever :). There are other areas to
improve like marketing, branding, documentation, etc (BTW, Alberto's
presentation on GUADEC about this is _REALLY_ a good starting point [1],
it is worth to revisit it). 

We have to figure out all the task to accomplish and then we have to
scheduling. Possibly, the release team can lead the effort of consulting
the other teams about what need to be done and propose a roadmap for

Just my 2 cents,

  -- Juanjo Marín


El mié, 24-02-2010 a las 12:41 +0000, Alberto Ruiz escribió:
> Hi all,
> I think that this sort of discussion belongs to the gtk-devel mailing list,
> besides, all of this "nice to have" have been discussed in the past
> but none has actually stepped up to write actual code (as Martyn says,
> everytime you start writting something, you hit the legacy wall).
> The point that I'm trying to make is that, unless somebody steps up to
> implement some of those advancements and seriously push them for
> inclusion, this discussion is not really going anywhere.

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