Re: GNOME: lack of strategic roadmap

2010/2/24 Juanjo Marin <juanj marin juntadeandalucia es>:
> Possibly Alberto is right. Anyway, the original message of this thread
> is that GNOME doesn't have long term goals. It seems that the
> improvement of GTK attact a lot of attention.(BTW, Alberto's
> presentation on GUADEC about this is _REALLY_ a good starting point [1],
> it is worth to revisit it).

Thanks a lot Juanjo,

there's a point I wanted to make with that talk, which is, there's _A
LOT_ that can be achieved and improved about the situation without
committing a single line of code to Gtk+.

* Modernize and consolidate the documentation (focused on empowering
the developer to achieve interesting tasks rather than explaining the
details of the API)
* Improving the development experience.
* Releasing installers for the more stable set of bindings on the non
free platforms
* Integration with other IDEs (Eclipse, XCode, VisualStudio)

The real problem we have is a shortage of developers, the only way to
solve that long term is creating mindshare, and we have to be
aggressive and radical in our thinking if we want to achieve more with
less. In general, attracting the huge developer community out of the
Linux desktop landscape and attracting them to our platform, and
eventually to the whole free stack/OS.

> [1]

Un saludo,
Alberto Ruiz

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