Re: Survey: GUADEC and Akadamy co-location in 2011

On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 3:49 AM, Dave Neary <dneary gnome org> wrote:

The Tampere bid manifested their interest in carrying their 09 bid over
for 10 - and the KDE board thought that was a good option. Given the
alternative timeframe (which we're currently experiencing), they said
"Good enough - let's co-host, choose Tampere, and do a proper call for
hosts next year". Given that Tampere was also one of the top 2 choices
of GNOME the year before, seems reasonable to me.

Dave, it was the GNOME board's last choice and the KDE board's first.   A Coruña, Spain was our first choice.  Gran Canaria was chosen because it was the only one we could agree on.  They also had a very powerful bid so I don't want to imply I was disappointed with the choice of venue but it wasn't our first choice.   So, accepting Tampere right out of the gates wasn't going to fly given the experience at the Desktop Summit.  If it had been a huge success I would have said sure, let's go for it but as it stands you don't fix things by running with the status quo.  When talking about next year's venue, it wasn't "let's consider Tempere", it was closer to "Tampere is it, let's move on"  (and I'm being polite on how that conversation went).  In a conference which we did not feel was ideal we needed to take a step back to evaluate.  When there were forces preventing us from gaining any breathing room we decided to take a year off from this experiment.


John (J5) Palmieri

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